Computer programming in Hindi ???

Open source softwares are developing globally and gaining wide popularity at a brisk rate. Indian developers are playing a key role on the development of the open source software industry. The Indian developers have come up with a variety of open source software solutions which is helping millions of users in India and globally.

One such really smart desi open source software is Hindawi programming system.
Hindawi is a multilingual programming language tool. This means that using this software, we can program in languages other than English.

Hindawi is also the winner of the FOSS India awards for 2008 which clearly shows how successful it has been. [the FOSS india awards is a well recognied initiative to appreciate free and open source softwares developed by indians and the award is supported by the LINUX FOR YOU magazine ]

The users can write programs in various Indian languages including Hindi, Guajarati, Bengali, assamese etc

The great thing is the wide varieties of programming languages it supports. It allows the user to program in the equivalents of C, C++ , lex , yacc , BASIC , LOGO and even assembly and many more computer languages.

The equivalent languages are called Hindi C or Hindi assembly or bangle C correspondingly.

Moreover these equivalent languages are syntax-compatible with their traditional English counterparts and can therefore utilize the existing libraries such as glibc etc in a manner similar to the way C++ is syntax compatible to C and hence can use most of the C libraries.

After winning the FOSS ’08’ award, key developers of Hindawi , Abhishek Choudhary and Sweta (Karwa) Choudhary shared, “Hindawi Programming System has shattered the technological myth that full-fledged programming systems cannot be feasibly developed in non-English languages. This is evident from the flurry of activity seen towards reproducing our results globally, and especially the interest of commercial entities in doing so… Let us think of our brothers and sisters who have not been privileged enough to go to English-medium schools. Even they have a right to benefit from the ICT revolution at all levels of technology, from primary school education to robotics and super-computing in their mother tongue, without the need to master English.”

download Hindawi here :


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