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Updates : Porting Neologism to Drupal 7 [2]

Coding period has started. We decided to start by creating bundles for : Vocabulary Class Property References module will be used for creating fields field_type Node Reference. Advertisements

Updates : Porting Neologism to Drupal 7

Wiki page of the Project : Project page on : We would be using the issue queue on for all discussions related to the project and the entire drupal community can provide suggestions. This is the link to the issue queue of Neologism : Lin Clark gave a short introductory session […]

GSoC 2011 Proposal for Drupal : Porting Neologism to Drupal 7

I support Drupal’s vision to become the best CMS in projects related to Semantic web. In view of the above initiative, Drupal 7 comes with a core RDF module. There is a contributed RDF module as well which allows us to extend the functionality of the core module through :1. RDFx – Provides additional serialization […]