Updates : Porting Neologism to Drupal 7

Wiki page of the Project : http://groups.drupal.org/node/145269

Project page on drupal.org : http://drupal.org/project/neologism

We would be using the issue queue on drupal.org for all discussions related to the project and the entire drupal community can provide suggestions. This is the link to the issue queue of Neologism :

Lin Clark gave a short introductory session over skype on how to use the issue queue on drupal.org and the git and told about various portals which could be useful during the project like http://drupal.stackexchange.com/

Richard created a branch for the project on the drupal.org Neologism repository. We had two options, either we could clone the entire D6 code into the branch and then transform it to a D7 Module step by step, or start with an empty branch and then add feature after feature. We chose the second option since it was cleaner and always gave us a working drupal 7 module.

Also, I would be working on my new MacBook Pro for GSoC and since I had previously worked only on Windows while developing on Drupal, I contacted Guido, who is currently the main developer of Neologism, so he could help me with the development environment for the project.

I have a basic Drupal 7 website running on MAMP and will be using Komodo for development and Command Line Interface for GIT.



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