Updates : Porting Neologism to Drupal 7 [3]

A lot has happened in the project since the last post. In fact, I am ready with my mid-term submission.The three content types : vocabulary, class and property have been added to the port. The fields that have been added are :

Vocabulary :

  • Title
  • Namespace URI
  • Authors
  • Abstract
  • Body
  • Additional Custom RDF

Class :

  • Related vocabulary
  • Class URI
  • Label
  • Comment
  • Superclass
  • Disjoint with
  • Details

Property :

  • Related Vocabulary
  • Property URI
  • Label
  • Comment
  • Details
  • Functional Property
  • Inverse Functional Property
  • Domain
  • Range
  • Superproperty
  • Inverse

The vocabulary, class and property are correctly being registered with evoc.

Next steps are mentioned by Richard here.


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