Monthly Archives: June 2012

Bloom Filters to the rescue!

An interesting problem arose and an even more interesting solution came up while working at Kuliza on the PlaceIQ Project I described in my previous blog-post. Challenging Problem- PlaceIQ has divided the entire USA into regions of 100*100 meters-square. We have precise data in CouchDB docs which tells us whether a particular region of 100*100 meter-square has […]

Setting up Log4PHP with CodeIgniter

No BS, the steps are as following – 1. Clone the github project at >: git clone 2. The ci-log4php directory has 2 folders. Copy and paste the ci_log4php folder in /application/third_party/ 3. From the other folder Copy MY_Log.php file. Open application/config/config.php. If $config[‘subclass_prefix’] = ‘MY_’; then place the MY_Log.php file in /application/libraries/ 4. Similarly […]

Fooling Dropbox ! :D

So I was trying out the Dropbox camera upload to get Extra 3 GB Space. Turns out that once I register my MicroSD Card’s Device Id with Dropbox by syncing just one photograph using an Android phone, I do not need the phone anymore to Sync the rest of the files. So I simply connected […]

The Great WordPress Migration!

So Finally I ported my Posterous and Blogger Blogs to WordPress. This one shall serve as my technical blog and for the general posts, I shall be using my other blog, BangaloreCityJunction! See you around :)