Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on HP Mini 210-1000

Since I have nothing much to do while Ubuntu is installing on my HP Mini, I thought I would scribble down how I did it so it might help someone else. Here is the second easiest way (after using wubi ofcourse :P ) to install ubuntu 12.04 on HP Mini using a bootable USB Stick.

1. Download Ubuntu 12.04 32 bits here.

2. Download the application Unetbootin here (available for mac, windows and linux). Extract and install it.

3. Create a bootable usb stick using unetbootin application (downloaded in step 2) and give the path of the ubuntu-12.04.1-desktop-i386.iso (file downloaded in step 1) as shown here –



4. Insert the USB Stick in the HP mini laptop and restart. Press F9 repeatedly while it is booting up.

5. Select the USB stick as the device to boot from. (the second option usually).

6. Here is the catch – HP Mini comes with 4 inbuilt primary partitions whereas we need another primary partition for installing ubuntu. The system allows upto 4 primary partitions only in the hard-disk ! 

So what you can do is to delete the HP Tools partition. This is a partition which holds diagnostic tools, but you will rarely need them and you can even find them elsewhere.

Lets see how you can do this –

  • Choose the option to run ubuntu without installing it.
  • Once ubuntu has started, find and open the GParted tool. (which is pre-installed here)
  • Next, click on HP Tools partition and delete (Menu Partition–>Delete) it. This gives you room to create one more primary partition but gives you only 99 MB Free space, which is not enough to install Ubuntu, which needs atleast 4.5 GB.
  • To create more space, click on the sda1 and sda2 primary partitions and reduce their sizes so that you have around 25 GB of free space. This will show up as unused space.
  • So now you can create 1 more primary partition with 25GB space.

7. Now we will create a new primary partition.

  • Click on the 25GB free space showing in GParted.
  • Click New in the menu. (Menu Partition–>New)
  • A window will open open as shown below –


Enter everything as it is shown in the image above and click on Add. A new partition called New Partition #1 will show up. Now restart the system and press F9 as before and boot from the USB Stick. Choose to install Ubuntu 12.04 and after you enter the Language, it will ask you to Allocate Drive space. Choose the “Something Else” option else you will be screwed as it will clean up your windows installation.

Now you will see /dev/sda4 within /dev/sda and it will have the Type ext4 and size 25 GB or whatever you allocated earlier. If you try to install ubuntu now, it will throw up an error saying

“No root file system is defined. correct this from partition menu.”

To correct this, click on /dev/sda4 and then click on Change button. There, you need to set the mount point as / instead of blank or whatever its value might be. [Note that we will not be creating swap space and home partitions as they are not necessary ]

Now it will allow us to install Ubuntu 12.04. This will take a bit of time. If the Ubuntu desktop shows up, the installation was successful.

And when I thought everything was done ….

Ubuntu 12.04 didnt show up in the boot menu when I rebooted :\ :\

Sigh, so I had to boot windows, download from EasyBCD from here. (The download links on the main website will not work if you have AdBlock installed). This allowed me to add a grub entry to windows bootloader. Install and open EasyBCD.

Go to “Add new entry”> Linux/BSD and then select GRUB2 from the dropdown menu and click “Add Entry” just once. Thats it.


EasyBCD Interface

Finally, I was able to restart my HP Mini and run Ubuntu 12.04. On opening up, it installs the Broadcom wireless drivers after which I could connect to the internet and install all the system updates.




  1. Evgeny Glazov · · Reply

    Great guide, thanks!

  2. nurkholis · · Reply

    do you use dual boot to your computer? windows and linux. if I delete all my partition and make new for ubuntu. than I cant boot my ubuntu. and I cant install easybcd on ubuntu.

  3. Yes, I used dual boot before I switched to MAC. You could use a live CD of Ubuntu and install EasyBCD. That would solve your problem !

  4. Johnf934 · · Reply

    I really appreciate this post. I’ve been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again! eckdgbegecdg

  5. Thanks for the wonderful post. It helped me a lot.

  6. Thank you for this clear account. It is almost exactly what I wanted to do with my HP Mini 210-1000. The only difference is that I was planning to overwrite the Win7 system, not create a separate partition. However, I cannot get further than #5 because with the USB stick inserted, the Mini will not load the Boot Manager. Without the stick, pressing F9 brings up the Boot Manager with no options except the HD. The boot options in the BIOS are:
    USB Floppy
    USB Diskette on Key/USB Hard DIsk
    USB CD/DVD ROM Drive
    Notebook Hard Drive

    I have been able to boot from a Knoppix CD, so I know it’s possible. What advice do you have?

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