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Installing Ubuntu 12.04 on HP Mini 210-1000

Since I have nothing much to do while Ubuntu is installing on my HP Mini, I thought I would scribble down how I did it so it might help someone else. Here is the second easiest way (after using wubi ofcourse :P ) to install ubuntu 12.04 on HP Mini using a bootable USB Stick. 1. Download […]

Is the right way to go?

Did the three big companies take the correct decision in introducing ? [Originally written for Kuliza Technologies on June 14th, 2011 ] Semantic web is a web of information, which is marked with machine understandable metadata in addition to the Human readable web-content. Recently, Google, Yahoo and Microsoft collaborated and came up with, […]

Complete guide for Installing and Running your first GUI Application in Qt c++ in Windows 7 (for Newbies)

Qt is a cross-platform application and UI framework. Using Qt, you can write web-enabled applications once and deploy them across desktop, mobile and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. Recently I installed Qt 4.5.2 on my Windows 7 PC and had some minor installation and post-installation issues which I shall discuss here. Step […]

Nokia establishes Symbian Foundation …WHY? … Future consequences?

The recent “Open at own risk” promo disaster (yes it was a disaster) of Nokia has left quite a few Nokia fans including me annoyed. However that certainly doesn’t mean that Nokia has turned evil. Around four weeks ago, on June 24th, 2008, Nokia purchased the whole of Symbian (for EUR 264 million) (previously it owned […]

Useful Firefox 3 add-on extensions for the ‘common’ user:

Before I write this post, I want to make it clear that this is not like some other top-ten add-on extensions list. Neither is this a must-have list. Actually I personally feel there is no such thing as a must-have list. It just depends upon the need of the user.However the add-ons on list which […]

VLC Media Player : A review

VLC Media player is simply incredible …. I have been using it for more than an year now and it has never let me down … the best thing is that it plays just about any file format you wish to … it really does … even in this pathetic era where everyone is trying […]

Mozilla THUNDERBIRD : Complete Review of Latest Version 2

Mozilla Thunderbird, just like Mozilla Firefox, is another highly successful opensource software developed by Mozilla Corp. It is a great e-mail and news client and offers RSS feed reader and a good contacts management system too. Thunderbird is safe and fast and has a great user interface, nice spam filters, quick message search, and can […]